Wednesday, June 4, 2008

There is No Longer a Blog Here

But there are some fine blogs there, listed in no particular order:

The Last Debate

Are You a Mexican or Mexicant-

Such is Life-



The Far Wright-


Gino said...

hey, i do felinophilia,too. just not as often.

Leo Pusateri said...

I wish you would've left all your previous posts up...

Hope all is well.

Time said...

Leaving up his old posts would be to revealing about how wrong he was. Like a coward, he removed them. To chicken to stand by your own words LC ?

Wrong about Bush, wrong about the conservative financial ideology, wrong about the Iraq war, and believing in what now has been proven to be not only wrong, but outright lies.

Not to mention the outright lies LC made up, like posing as an Iraq vet to say that Americans who were against the Iraq war were traitors. How sick is that?

Funny how he deleted his blog just as all this was coming to light.

Just as Bush was defined as the worst President in History. Just as President Bush's destruction of the economy was hitting the country. Just as the lies of the Bush administration were hitting the courts. Just as everything LC was pushing, was crashing and leaving this country basically bankrupt.

You had your fun LC thanks for being part of what has brought this country to its knees.

We survived 230 years of disastrous episodes, until we ran into the most corrupt, dishonest people ever, people like LC.

Thanks for helping destroy America.

You have just assured that your future will be harsh for decades to come, you deserve it.

K-Rod said...

Hey Time, how's that HOPE and CHANGE working for ya. Makes a lot of people pine for the days of malaise of the Carter I administration. Ouch.

K-Rod said...

Whether you are homo or hetro, we all have the same rights.